Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Babies and Shape Changers

Will the real Brynn please stand up?

Just then Coryn called out and Dulkas and Bronwyn rushed to investigate.

They found Coryn in a clearing. In front of her was baby wrapped in furs, set upon a patch of frosted moss. Tied to a tree trunk was what appeared to be Bronwyn’s friend Brynn, cloaked in a long grey cloak. Stepping into the clearing was another figure, looking just like Brynn, cloaked in a long deep blue cloak.

“Don’t let her free,” the second Brynn said. “It’s a trap.”

While she was wearing the right coloured cloak, Bronwyn was unsure. “What is your favourite horses name?” she asked.

The tied up woman’s voice was muffled by a gag, but the one that was free stood silent for a moment before hurling a dagger from under her cloak and fleeing.

Bronwyn rescued Brynn while Dulkas, Coryn, and Glawen gave chase to the fleeing figure.

Hurled hammers, magic missiles, and arrows from Glawen’s new longbow brought the shape shifter down. As she tumbled her features changed. The dead body was grey skinned and had no hair, no nose, no ears, and black iris-less eyes. Its leather armour swirled with colour for a moment before turning grey as well.



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