Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Brynn's Story

Brynn rushed to her infant brother and hugged him closely, calming him and stopping his cries.

She told her story to Bronwyn.

“I thought it was Gregor who took him. I heard my mother’s cry and I shouted out to the guards as I rushed to her side. My brother had been ripped from her sleeping arms and the window lay open. I looked to see what appeared to be Gregor sprinting across the field.”

“The guards were less than useless and the same goes for the Sheriff. The manor guards felt their place was to protect my mother in case the villain returned and the Sheriff felt it was his place to ensure the Runa or Goblins did not attack the village.”

“Cursing them for cowards, I packed quickly and rode my horse as far as I could, but lost him in the wooded hills.”

“I grew so frustrated that I called out, and that is when I heard your voice answer, saying, ‘I found your brother, it’s alright.’ I swear it was you, but when I rushed to meet you I got caught in a net. Then these barbaric people step out, I get clubbed on the head. The next thing I know I wake up tied to this tree, and my brother is in the arms of some barbarian woman. I hear thunder and shouts and she rushes off. Then you found me.”

“I know I was jealous to hear that you were caught up in a story, like a hero from a book – but this is just too confusing and painful for me. What is happening and what did they want with my brother?”



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