Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Finding the Hidden Temple

That's not Gregor!

Without a clear idea of what they were looking for Glawen and Chen tracked in the glow of Coryn’s Light spell.

They found the odd track, but soon were lost in dense forested foothills, with night descending fast.

It was several hours before Glawen spotted movement out of the corner of his eye. A grey cloaked figure was making its way down an slippery incline.

Chen, Glawen, and Dulkas snuck after it while Bronwyn and Coryn moved along the cliffside.

They soon discovered the figure was Gregor. He gestured down the slope, saying “I saw them go down there. They took Lady Karellyn’s child!”

They made their way down the slope together – discovering the remains of an ancient temple – overgrown with vines and trees. The entryway was shaped as an ornate six branched tree.

Glawen and Chen scouted around the sides and found areas where the trees had broken the walls of the temple.

Coryn approached the main entrance and tripped a net trap, full of jangling rusted metal. Almost immediately two arrows arced out from broken portions of the stained glass archways.

Bronwyn stayed behind to help Coryn while Glawen and Chen snuck into the temple. Chen quickly saw that the archers were on a balcony on the second floor. He jumped on a pew and flipped up over the banister to confront the archers.

Gregor opened his long grey cloak to reveal liquid darkness that poured out in the shape of shadow pixies. They were the same creatures that Coryn and Glawen had faced when they saved Shandriel, the Unicorn on their way to Fleethill from the Spearwoods.

With that, the creature that wore Gregor’s shape shifted into Glawen and ran off. With the archers still alive, Bronwyn focused on fighting off the shadow pixies and rescuing Coryn. Eldritch blasts and magic missiles made short work of them – turning them into inky spats of darkness.

Dulkas had followed Glawen into the temple – and was able to trip a blastpatch of alchemical fire when he investigated a broken plate and sickle. Glawen made short work of the robed monk at the front – without really knowing who he was.

Chen finished off the goblin archers with his crossbow. Coryn and Bronwyn entered the temple. They found the robed figure to be the zombified mad monk. He had been stabbed in the gut and had time to write in ancient Istarnian on the wall:

“The prophesies come true. Shadow emerges from Light and Light emerges from Shadow.”

There were two tapestries at the back of the temple hiding spiral staircases, leading up and down. On the tapestries were an image of a silver tree with six sweeping branches – similar to that on the face of the temple.

One of the staircases led down…



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