Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Greer's Story

The Brundar Woman tells her Tale

Bronwyn and Dulkas spoke with Greer while Coryn investigated a baby’s cry that carried through the night air.

Dulkas gestured towards the hammer. “That is of dwarven make.” He said.

Through sobs she spoke. “You can have it. It has brought me nothing but grief.”

When Bronwyn asked about the stolen baby, Greer wiped her tears away and told her tale: “Truly, I did not know what they meant to do with the child.”

“Everything was different before Vorash came into the Sky Wolf camp. Him and his brother were hermetic priests who lived in the wild away from the tribes. Sigurd was chief of the wolf clan – strong, but only one chief of five. Vorash and Yerkyl spoke with him and convinced him it was his destiny to rule more than that. Joten was one of the first of our warriors to join the cause. My man was another. In a few years time, all the tribes were united under his rule – something that has not happened in many ages. Not since Keltar the Bold led the Brundar to drive the frost giants back into the Northern Wastes.”

“But the old heroes did everything in the name of Kord or the Raven Queen. Vorash brought with him a new god: Ashtaroth – who he said was the lord of all gods and the only one worthy of worship. Many followed, but many still offer praise to the old gods.”

“A few months back my mate died when patrolling the Northern Wastes with Joten. I was expecting his child. When my baby died in its first few weeks of life, I thought there was nothing to live for. Then Joten came to me and offered me a place amongst his warriors. We would serve Chief Sigurd in an important mission. Only too late did I discover who we really served. Vorash. The priest made me swear an oath, and since then I have been compelled to obey, despite my best wishes. The hammer was a gift from that snake of a priest and I am just as happy to be free of it.”



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