Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

The Fight with the Brundar

Kicking Ass and taking Names.

Chen snuck around as the rest of the group tried to close in on the Brundar while keeping trees or stones between them. As they did, Joten and his wolf Fenris charged from the woods. The 7 foot tall Brundar warrior kept most at a distance with his great sword – but Dulkas managed to duck it and move in close. Arcane blasts from Bronwyn and Coryn staggered the barbarian as Chen and Glawen worked on Vorash.

When Joten took a solid blow from Dulkas, a woman appeared from the woods beyond the stones. She bellowed “Get away from him” and hurled a hammer that sounded like a thunderclap when it connected. Bronwyn remembered her name as Greer, and that she was part of the Brundar camp that she and Glawen had offered ale to in Fleethill. From her memory Greer had stood aloof from the festivities and looked to the north with a sad look on her face.

They worked to calm her down but it was not until Joten fell that she threw herself over his body and let loud wracking sobs of grief overtake her. Glawen intimidated Fenris who fled from the corpse of his master with his tail between his legs. Vorash still had a few tricks up his sleeve and drained life from Glawen and stunned him with a clap of thunder – but in the end, they proved too much for him and Chen incapacitated the evil priest – pinning him to the ground as he coughed out his life-blood.



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