Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

The Human Priest

Surprise! It's Vorash!

Once the group was out of the temple, they could see a vortex of roiling clouds just above and behind them. The cloud cover that had previously blotted out the sky had disappeared, drawn into the churned mass of thunderheads, revealing a bright full moon.

Even brighter than the moon was the throbbing red glow of Ky’ruath – the arcane comet that appeared every 100 years over the skies of Estea.

With no time to lose, the heroes scaled the rocky bluff behind the temple – working together to find footholds and paths. When all hope seemed lost, Dulkas uttered a prayer to Moradin and a beam of light from the moon revealed the way.

At the top, they passed through a lightly wooded area and heard harsh chanting from an open area ahead.

A circle of ancient stones stood around a well. Twelve in total, they stood in pairs with touching bases that tapered into the sky, about 12 feet tall. Each stone was covered in swirling glyphs. In the middle was a low stone well that glowed with a soft blue light, and standing on its rim was a shouting figure with a fur cloak rippling in a windstorm that seemed to surround the stones.

The language he was crying out was unknown to anyone in the group, but it set you on edge. With one last cry of “ESHUMBRA,” a bolt of lighting struck the pool – infusing it with a reddened glow.

The group could now see that it was Vorash, the Brundar priest who accompanied Chief Sigurd at Fleethill.

He picked up his mace and waved it menacingly at the group as lightning continued to strike around him.



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