Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Tracking Goblins

Poor Squell.

The group tracked the long loping strides of one of the fleeing goblins – who had apparently used boot-grease to add to his speed as well.

Bronwyn and Glawen avoided a trap and crouched in wait for the rest of the group to catch up.

They gestured to Dulkas who did not see them, and instead ran into the trap – catching a thick tree limb in the belly and almost knocking him down.

Across a gully was another wooded hill, that seemed suspiciously defendable.

With Dulkas being spotted, they rushed the gully and tried to cross it quickly, but ended up catching many arrows as they did so.

Finally they stormed the hill, which Chen and Bronwyn sneaking around the north side, Glawen around the South with Coryn behind him casting deadly magic missiles, and Dulkas ducking from tree to tree to get into range.

One goblin wielded a brutal longbow which delivered some grievious wounds to the group, but in the end they were no match for the company of light. Chen had snuck up on the band’s leader and brutally decapitated him before he could react.

At the top was a camp with bedrolls and sheep bones scattered around.

Though nobody escaped injury – and several were bloodied by traps and arrows, none of the goblins escaped. Glawen hunted down the last fleeing goblin as the group interrogated Squell, who had surrendered, begging for his life.

He revealed that the goblins had used stealth, enchantment, and distraction to push into Istarnia to accomplish a mission that he claimed to know little about. “It was the human priest,” he said. “He needed the moon, the equinox, to perform the ritual. Tonight! You must hurry!”

He pointed to the eastern forest where the fleeing goblin had been running towards.

With that, Chen neatly decapitated another goblin and they set off towards the woods – after claiming the gold and enchanted grease from the goblin corpses.



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