Estea: The Shadows Lengthen

Tracking Kelmar

It's a Trap!

Chen and Glawen circled wide around the firelight while the rest kept their distance.

They could smell roasted mutton and see 4 cloaked figures around the fire. Creeping closer, Chen recognized his friend, Kelmar and stood up, approached, and waved.

Kelmar returned his wave and moments later a volley of arrows streaked from the adjacent wooded hillside!

It was then that Chen noticed the arrow wounds that had killed his friend.

Kelmar, his father, the huntsman, and the deputy were zombies! They grappled with Chen and Dulkas as the rest of the group tried to cross a thorn filled gully to stop the unseen archers.

In time they crossed and cut down all but two of the goblins, who fled.

The remaining goblins were well equipped and a step up from your average goblin. Their black leather armour, well crafted bows and shortswords, and the gold they carried in their purse spoke of a cohesive and unified force. Not only that, they had prepared net and whiptraps, and had enchanted grease to aid them in running fast.

Glawen and Bronwyn scouted ahead, smearing the boot-grease on their boots to catch up with the fleeing goblins.



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