Bronwyn's father - natural story teller - balding brown hair w/ short beard - solid thick limbs and hands - retired warrior - pub owner.


Gared is one of the few Istarnians to leave the valley kingdom and follow the Runa through the Elder Forest and into the world beyond the mountains.

He is one of the fewer still among those who left to return.

He left as a young man with a hunger for stories and adventure – and returned almost 10 years later. He married his childhood sweetheart, Maura, and bought the local inn and pub from Patryn Ghormast. After remodeling it and hiring the halfling Wren Ninepots as his chef and brewer – Gared’s Place became a favourite stop for folks traveling the rivers and roads of Istarnia.

Shortly after, Maura became pregnant, but did not survive the delivery. Maura’s family blame the Runa who were in town at the time, and who they felt Gared was unnaturally close to. They became even more distant and critical when their grand-daughter developed pointed ears in puberty – which they felt was a sign of Pelor’s displeasure with her.

Gared is a large bearded and balding man - with a bit of a belly, but still sturdy and strong. He is typically jovial and is a brilliant weaver of stories - often holding the patrons of the pub rapt at his stories of heroes, gods, monsters, tricksters, and villains. He also is known to help the Braefield militia with training new recruits and competes in fencing competitions at various festivals… but not as much as he used to when Bronwyn was younger.

Gared has done his best to raise his daughter well, and pass on his stories of a world full of wonder and magic, beyond the seeming dull normality of Braefield.


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