Lord Aleric

tall well muscled man, light brown hair, walks with a cane and a slight limp in his right leg


Lord Aleric Falkriar was a minor noble from Caeristar who chose to serve as a Knight of the Wall, much to the dismay of his wife, the Lady Karellyn. His young Daughter, Bronwyn, thought of her father as a heroic knight and tried hard to emulate him and make him proud.

He served for a time there, becoming Captain of The Black Watch – which is a unit of the best soldiers and scouts from amongst the folk sent to the wall as punishment for some crime or the other. He was an inspiring leader and helped his men look beyond the circumstances of their service and take some pride in their skills.

Three year ago, on their way back from a scouting mission in the Shadowlands, Sir Aleric and his band was set upon by an ogre. Four men quickly met their deaths before Aleric threw himself in the ogre’s path and yelled at his men to retreat to the safety of the wall.

He was able to plunge his longsword into the ogre’s belly, but the ogre still lived, and smashed Aleric aside with his war club. As Aleric was hurtled aside, his sword disemboweled and fell the ogre.

Aleric’s leg was shattered and he was in bad shape. A scout from the Black Watch managed to drag him back to the wall, where he received healing from priests of Pelor. He survived thanks to the scout, but his leg never fully healed.

Shortly after Aleric’s heroism, a young King Willhelm granted him lordship of the town of Braefield – since the previous lord had died of a mysterious ailment.

Lord Aleric, Lady Karellyn, and their daughter Bronwyn now live in Lord’s Manor in Braefield. Bronwyn Falkriar made friends with Bronwyn Halfelven and took the name of a legendary heroine, Brynn, to help tell the two apart.

They have lived there for 3 years and most of the common folk have grown to care for them – though some of the other nobles still struggle to accept his rule.

Lord Aleric

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