Brynn Fal'kriar

Brynn is shapely but strong, a tomboy noble swords-woman with long black hair and flashing blue eyes.


Brynn has lived in Braefield for the past 3 years, since her father, Lord Aleric, retired as a Knight of the Wall and became Lord of Braefield. Her mother, Lady Karellyn, is dismayed at being so far from the court of Caeristan – and channels her frustration into trying to make a lady of Brynn.

Long before their move to Braefield, Brynn had been secretly training in the art of the sword. She now openly rebels against her mother by throwing herself into swordsmanship and imagining heroic stories that she might find herself in.

Brynn’s given name is actually Bronwyn, but when she moved and became friends with Bronwyn Half-elven, she took the name of a heroine of legend. Brynn is convinced that they are destined for great things – despite living in a small village in a country that few have ever seen or heard of.

Brynn Fal'kriar

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