cloaked figure... aura of mystery and magic emanates from her...


Coryn is tall and lean. She is not as muscular as a wood elf but her shape bears a strong resemblance. While she remains cloaked and hooded, glimpses of pale almost blue skin can be seen. She chooses the disguise rather than startle people with her foreign, mayhaps frightening looks.

Coryn has the pale silvery blonde hair of her race. She is Eladrin and, while proud of her heritage, knows there are many who would react in ignorance to her mere presence. She has never before travelled outside of the fey and is not “worldly” in ways of humans and such… she only knows what she has read and heard from other’s travels.

Her eyes are the strongest indication that she is not just a “regular” elf. The irises are a luminescent aquamarine colour… no pupil and no signs of “whites of the eye”.

Coryn is a student of history and the arcane. She is a wizard and prides herself on her intellect and ability to keep cool in situations in order to find a logical solution… failing that, she likes to end altercations as quickly as possible and has chosen a path of war wizard.

Coryn has one brother. He has married a wood elf and thus had to leave the eladrin city of Solaerithus, as outsiders are not permitted. Coryn’s sister in law is the blood sister of Glawen. Coryn and Glawen share neices and nephews and the bond of family… but this has also hindered Coryn’s reputation at the university and with the higher Eladrin authorities.

As a child, Coryn was rescued by a passing Runa who then became a friend and mentor. She is a known friend of the Runa and only has to mention her alliance with Arasmus to gain information or assistance from these magical gypsy people.


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