Dwarven Paladin


Standing at 4’4” Dulkas is slightly short for a dwarf. Nonetheless he has a strong physical presence that comes from his nearly 200 pounds of mass and his massive scale armor.

Dulkas is a Hammer of Moradin: an elite group of holy warriors dedicated to their god. As such his armor is a dulled black, reflecting little light and of a quality that is less noticeable upon a quick glance, but moves smoothly with the flexibility of the dragon that it was modeled after. There are a variety of marks on the armor from damage during battle that have been repaired with dwarven skill and buffed out with dwarven dedication.

Dulkas carries a plain light shield that is either on his arm or strapped across his back. A heavy warhammer is almost always present in his grasp even during conversations when Dulkas is not above pointing it in the face of whomever is the focus of his intentions at the moment. More than one table has succumbed to an inattentive yet pointed swing from this hammer.

The most notable thing about Dulkas is not his elite uniform or his oft brandished warhammer, but his youth. At only 43 he is barely considered an adult by dwarven standards.

He has a long scar from his right temple to just under his ear, yet his face is that of youth without the lines of the years that would seem to fit the depths of his slate eyes that burn with the sure conviction of a dwarf who is close with his god. His eyes are overshadowed by thick bristling eyebrows that shoot an inch straight out, looking like small wire brushes. His beard is thick and luxuriant – a deep crimson bordering more on black than brown – and braided in a heavy single plait strait down from his hidden chin. His hair is thick and wild and of a slightly more ruddy color, cascading over his broad shoulders.

Dulkas is mistrusting of anyone he doesn’t know, taking an especially reserved stance when dealing with women and elves. He is able to speak fluently in common and is unafraid of social interactions, but also has little interest in anyone outside of himself so is unlikely to make fast friends, or even consult with others in a group. Take for example scaling down the hole from the main chamber to investigate without checking in with the rest of the group.


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