Queen Illestra

spirit of the first queen of Istarnia - beautiful but with a touch of wild madness to her eyes and speech.


A princess of the high elf kingdom of Andilhar – married to the human Prince Rhyan Istar of Calidor to form a more solid alliance between their nations during the War of Shadows.

Rhyan forsake his throne to follow a vision from Pelor to liberate a land beyond the Thunder Peak Mountains and Queen Illestra followed him there – aiding him with her magic.

Together and with many other heroes they drove the goblin hordes back into the Shadowlands and formed the nation of Istarnia almost 800 years ago.

They had two children before Rhyan left her on a crusade into the Shadowlands and never returned.

Illestra was later believed to have gone mad and was imprisoned in the tower that is now known as the Tilting Tower.

The Company of Light encountered her spirit there, found the truth of her murder at the hands of Quillem Ghormast, and liberated the souls trapped in the tower, while destroying it and sending it into the lake.

Queen Illestra

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