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  • Heartwood Spear

    A popular human legend is that [[the World Tree]] was destroyed by forces of darkness and only the heartwood remains in the shape of The Heartwood Spear – created by druids in an ancient hidden monastery as it was beset by an army of undead and fell …

  • Flaming Sword of Calidor

    A great sword of fire, said to be wielded by the Kings of [[Calidor]]. Though the current king possesses a flaming blade, it is rumoured that the original was lost in the [[War of Shadows]].

  • Deck of Shadows

    The divination tool of the [[Runa]] - representing an elemental and archetypal understanding of the cosmos. Broken into Major and Lesser Arcana. Lesser Arcana: The suits of the Lesser Arcana are: Shadow, Flame, Stone, Streams, Dreams, and Light. …

  • Colossus of Sardia

    This immense statue is one of the wonders of ancient [[Estea]]. It guarded the harbours of the lost kingdom of [[Sardia]]. Legends say that the kings of Sardia had the power to give life to the Colossus to defend their nation in times of trouble. …

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