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  • Supporting Cast

    h3. Humans of Istarnia [[:willhelm | King Willhelm Rhyanistar]], young king of [[Istarnia]]. [[:calmus | Calmus Wyndham]], advisor to the king. [[:12335 | Gared]], father to [[Bronwyn]], former world traveler, and owner of pub. [[:12441 | Jorn …

  • war mages

    Mages and Wizards are typically known as book wormish, knowledge seeking people. War Mages stand in contrast to that. Every aspect of their arcane training is dedicated to making them formidable in combat. The War Mages of [[Calidor]] are the most …

  • Sahjakir

    The holy assassins of the [[Shiar | Shi'ar]] are known as Sah’jakir and are rumoured to worship twisted [[elemental lords]]. !http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/8831/acafaizsz3.jpg!

  • People of Fame and Legend

    Recent Times The Valley Kingdom of Istarnia [[King Willhelm]] Rhyanistar [[Lord Aleric]] Fal'kriar [[Gared]] Mead [[Bronwyn]] Mead [[Chen]] Emberhill [[Rerik]] Crowkiller The Mountain Dwarves of Barak Durn: [[Dulkas]] [[ …

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