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  • Arasmus

    A novelty and charm merchant among the Runa people. He is an adept at the fortune telling tool known as the Deck of Shadows and a friend to Coryn of the Elder Forest. Arasmus saved Coryn from a fall when she was 7 and taught her her first spell.

  • Quillem Ghormast

    Quillem was a former war mage of Calidor and part of a Council of Mages who advised King Rhyan Istar in running the young kingdom. Quillem plotted to rid himself of Queen Illestra and her children while Rhyan was on crusade in the Shadowlands, but died …

  • Coryn

    Coryn is tall and lean. She is not as muscular as a wood elf but her shape bears a strong resemblance. While she remains cloaked and hooded, glimpses of pale almost blue skin can be seen. She chooses the disguise rather than startle people with her …

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