Bronwyn Mead is a half-elf of Braefield who has recently acquired arcane power from a mysterious source.

Her father Gared is the owner of the best inn in Braefield, and is a retired adventurer and traveller. Her mother died when she was five.

She often faced taunting from her superstitious neighbours for her strange eyes and ears. Her only friend had been Brynn Fal’kriar, daughter to Lord Aleric – so it is comforting to be part of the Company of Light.

She’s average size and weight for a human – and looks fairly human except for her pointy ears, and mysteriously bright, very light green eyes that tend to glow when spell-casting. She likes to wear leather – in cuts that are a bit angular and unique in colours of deep burgundy and forest green. She has average length chestnut hair that usually is up in a ponytail.

Bronwyn is young in several ways – she’s just getting used to this adventuring bit with these strange powers she has. She’s slipped a few times in front of the townspeople and people have whispered about her, though she’s so charismatic that the folks of Braefield find this slightly scary edge to her compelling and part of why they find her so interesting. When she first had to use her powers to fight the warg-like creatures her firing was clumsy, she barely escaped with her life, and if it weren’t for Chen, she would have not survived.

She’s also young in the sense that she’s a bit clumsy with objects (this can sometimes be attributed to her powers coming out at unexpected moments) but also with how she speaks and acts to others. She doesn’t think too much before she speaks and her tongue can get her in trouble – especially with her father, Gared.

He cares very much for her, and has come to the rescue a few times in the pub when patrons have been trying to hit on her. Once she used Eyebite on one particularly sleazy fellow, and he stumbled around screaming about her being a witch. She had to stay upstairs until things smoothed over, and her father joked about him drinking too much. Although she’s not so careful yet, she’s learning – especially thanks to this experience she’s having being with this new group.

She’s not in the background serving drinks in the shadow of her father’s storytelling – she’s coming into a spotlight of her own, using her powers effectively, and with cheers instead of looks of uncertainty.


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