The Brundar are semi-nomadic tribespeople of the Northern Marches.

They organize in clans of animal totems and pay homage to the god of strength and storms, Kord.

Their nation is known as Brundaria, but that is more an acknowledgment of their territory than any formal border. Typically they war and fight amongst themselves as the various chiefs seek to control the best hunting grounds—pausing only to repel assaults from orc, ogre, or the rare giant that roams down from the Great Glacier to the north.

Recently, Cheif Sigurd of the Sky Wolf Clan has united the tribes under one banner. He has traveled with a small retinue of warriors and the priest, Vorash, to seek alliance with King Willhelm of Istarnia.

There are Istarnian citizens with Brundar blood in them – especially in Bloodstone and Red Elm, and other mining and forestry towns of Northern Istarnia.


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