Chen Emberhill was a scout of the Black Watch on Pelor’s Wall – recently off duty due to the reduction of hostilities from the Shadowlands.

He is currently an unlikely hero in the Company of Light.

Chen’s clothing, posture, and mannerisms are very practical. He gives the impression of someone who spends more time outside of society than in it. He doesn’t initiate conversation and tends not to make eye contact when speaking unless the matter is serious. Chen’s eyes are always looking out into the distance rather than to his companions. He always positions himself on the edge of the group rather than inside it.

He’s a little below average height – short, messy brown hair – blue eyes.

When he does speak, Chen’s words are carefully chosen. He’s good at setting the pitch and intonation of his voice so he doesn’t sound bossy and arrogant – although he is.

Chen often practices weapon tricks while resting or waiting, so everyone in the party has probably seen him perform a few. For one trick, he throws his sword up, catches it so he’s holding the handle backwards, and then makes a spinning attack. For another, he uses his cloak to obscure the position of his sword and make it look like it’s in his other hand. Chen tends to “practice” where he can be seen by others, yet is far enough away to not have to acknowledge the audience.


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