High Elves are also known as Gold Elves or Sun Elves and mostly live in the Elven Kingdom of Andilhar in western Estasia, although they have settlements and fortresses across the continent. They tend to have golden hair and brightly coloured eyes. Their skill in magic has formed many wondrous cities of crystal towers and lights.

Forest Elves are also known as wood elves. They tend to have light to dark brown hair, bronzed skin, green, grey, or brown eyes, and are more muscular than other elves. Their homes and clothes tend to blend in with their forest settings.

Dark Elves are also known as Drow and live in the sunless realm of the Underdark—in great caverns shaped by magic and master crafters into strange and twisted cities.

Silver Elves are also known as Moon Elves or Eladrin and live in remote and hidden places of the world – rarely venturing out. Not many have seen one close, but they are rumoured to be creatures of almost pure magic and have pale skin, unearthly beauty, and eyes of solid luminescent colours – with no iris or pupils.

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