High Kingdom

The unnamed High Kingdom is one of the stranger legends of Estasia.

The lengend says that the High King reigned over the continent in relative peace for two thousand years – until the Gods War threw everything into chaos and culminated with the Breaking of the World.

It is said that those loyal to the High King gathered in a City of Light and left the world behind in a massive Exodus, only to return at such a time that the world was ready for him.

Afterwards, as nations reformed, all records of the High Kingdom had disappeared. Nobody knows the name of the nation, or where it once lay. Only the memories of bards kept the hope alive that the High King may return.

Many learned scholars and sages suggest that it would be impossible for that many records to be obliterated at once and if there was any historical truth to the legend, documents must exist somewhere to support it.

Even so, many still wait for the High King’s Return.

High Kingdom

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