Rhyanistar is the ruling house of Istarnia, descended from Rhyan Istar and renowned for their leadership and diplomacy.

Wyndham is a house known for their animal husbandry, descended from Farvus Wyndham, who herded wild horses from Brundaria, through the Northern Mountains, to reinforce the forces that drove the Goblin Hordes back into the Shadowlands, under Rhyan Istar’s command.

Ghormast is a house known for its merchants and shrewd financial skill. It was they who first controlled the mines of Bloodstone and used the gold there to hire mercenary troops from the Brundar to the North – to aid Rhyan Istar in ridding the land of goblins.

Meristar is a house known for scholars, scribes, historians, knowledge. They take their name from the legendary wizard Meristan who accompanied Rhyan Istar, Queen Illestra, and their retinue from Calidor and aided them in liberating the yet to be nation of Istarnia.

Khyrkram is a house known for engineers and tacticians. It is said this house had good relations with the dwarves of Barak Durn and it was from them they learned many secrets to use against the goblin hordes.

Falkriar is a house known for its stalwart warriors. It was not a noble house at first, but is descended from a commoner who rose to knighthood in service to Istarnia and inspired the common people to take up arms to drive the goblin hordes south.


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