Nations of the World

Istarnia – a secluded valley nation at the Northern tip of the Shadowlands. To its west are the Thunder Peaks — home to dwarves and rumoured to be home to a reclusive dragon. To its east is the Spear Woods and home to the wood elves.

Barak Durn – a colony of the Dwarf Empire and home to the mountain dwarves in the southern region of the Thunder Peaks. They have limited trade with Istarnia and are largely occupied with repelling forces from the Shadowlands.

Shadowlands – a craggy and desolate land — home to goblin hordes, orc tribes, ogre clans, and foul creatures.

Calidor – a nation of knights and war mages. Calidor lies west of the Thunder Peaks and the Shadowlands – where children are trained from birth to fight a war against encroaching darkness. Homeland of Rhyan Istar – who formed the nation of Istarnia over 8 centuries past by pushing the forces that occupied it back into the Shadowlands.

Brundarlund – home to the Brundar: semi-nomadic northern tribes-people. clans practice a mixture of animal, animal, and elemental spirit worship. for a long time they have warred against each other as well as ogres, orcs, and giants from the north. Recently they have been united under a strong chieftan of the Sky Wolf clan, Cheif Sigurd

Breone – a rough forested nation of independent minded hardy folk. The bulk of Breoneans swear allegiance to no noble born and claim they will do so until the High King is reborn. A few exceptions are those cities that have formed knighthoods to protect the region from marauders. Safety and security have a way of changing a person’s views.

Andilhar – Further west then Calidor – this nation of High Elves is one of crystal towers and high magic – the height of elvish civilization. At times in history, Andilhar has been a place of refuge for the weak and Elvish armies were known to march forth to aid neighbouring nations against injustice and tyrants. Since the War of Dream and Stone faded over two hundred years ago (which pitched elf against dwarf for more than a hundred years) not much has been heard from this once great nation.

Karakas – Hub of the once great Dwarf Empire in the East and fabled birthplace of the dwarves. Capital is Karak Mithras. From here Dwarven engineers, merchants, craftspeople, and warriors formed a network of roads above and below ground that spanned the ancient nations of Estasia. Many still remain – but far more have fallen into disrepair. Since the fading of the War of Dream and Stone, no more Dwarven Merchant Caravans are seen along the old trade routes of the Imperial Dwarves of Karakas.

The warring Eastern Kingdoms — They change name and shape often in the last few centuries as battles and petty rulers push borders and peoples around. In their midst is the dwindled elven city of Nemelas. The two largest of the eastern nations surround it: Nethria and Nemaria.

The recent victory of Nethria over Nemaria has led some to proclaim that the young warlord of Nethria may in fact be the High King Reborn.

City States of the South — once part of the fallen nation of Sephra – these independent city states are now nations unto themselves. Mage ruled Estarcul, Warlord led Espanna, Priest led Mirabar, Merchant led Altasea, and many villages and towns that are caught up in their orbit. Situated on rich trade routes along the Bay of Stars.

Estalar is the pastoral kingdom of the Horse Lords – famed for mounted combat – and particularly the ability to fire a bow from horseback. To their north is Breone, to their West are the City States, to the East are the warring Eastern Kingdoms, and to the South is the dessert nation of Shi’ar. They are losing land to the warring Shi’ar and the spreading dessert of that kingdom.

Shi’ar is a dessert nation of the far south. The Shi’ar are a dusky skinned people known for their ferocity and fanaticism. They are continually at war with their neighbouring nations. Their holy assassins are known as Sah’jakir and are rumoured to worship twisted elemental lords.

Kaschem – The Kaschemites are tall dark skinned peoples of the south east – they are a tribal culture and are said to worship the spirits of the land and the Great Goddess. Some say it is they who gave birth to the first human civilization, in the jungles to the south.

Valenhar – some say this was the first human kingdom of antiquity – thought to lie in the far north – long lost and faded, but renowned for its workers of steal. They studied with dwarven and elven smiths to refine their technique and created some of the greatest swords of legend.

Albanon – the fabled island of legend — said to be the homeland of faerie creatures and fey – the birthplace of the elves in ancient times – no-one knows where the great and majestic forested island of Albanon lies – but treasure seekers, pilgrims, and buccaneers have long sought it and the mysteries it holds.

The nameless and lost High Kingdom which had united Estea under one ruler – bringing humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings together under its banner. Since the last Gods War culminated with The Breaking of the World and the reshaping of the land – no-one knew for sure which nation may have indeed once been the seat of the High King – though many in their pride claim that honour.

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Nations of the World

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