Supporting Cast

Humans of Istarnia

King Willhelm Rhyanistar, young king of Istarnia.

Calmus Wyndham, advisor to the king.

Gared, father to Bronwyn, former world traveler, and owner of pub.

Jorn, friend to Chen, and son of blacksmith in Braefield.

Kelmar, friend to Chen, and shepherd in Braefield. (deceased)

Lord Aleric Fal’kriar, Lord of Braefield and former captain at Pelors Wall.

Lady Karellyn Fal’kriar, just delivered her second child.

Brynn Fal’kriar, rebellious noble swords-woman and friend to Bronwyn.

Martyn, militia man from Braefield and was rescued by the group.

Tyrel, soldier of Istarnia and was rescued by the group.

Halflings of Istarnia

Rerik, represented the element of water in The Company of Light.

Wren Ninepots, chef at Gared’s Pub.

Thorn, weapons trainer to Rerik, and halfling warrior.

Dwarves of Barak Durn

Barthek Ironthane, council member of Barak Durn.

Malikar, advisor to Barthek.

Gildas Silverhand, priestess of Hestia.

Horatio Hornblower, bard of the dwarves.

Elves of the Spear Woods

Aerun’ilthil, griffin rider and wood elf noble.

Cassivar, bard and wood elf noble.

Selvara, high priestess of Selhaine.

Naki, scout to the wood elves.

Koraith, scout to the wood elves.

Humans of Brundaria

Cheif Sigurd, chief of the Brundar.

Vorash, priest to the Brundar and adviser to Sigurd.

Joten, bodyguard to Vorash.

Greer, warrior woman who recently lost her baby and was fulfilling an oath to serve Vorash.


Arasmus, mystic of the Runa and friend to Coryn.

Feyn, half elf fast talker.

Yasmira, mysterious middle aged Deck of Shadows reader.

Outsiders Travelling with Runa

Gregor, priest of The Goddess.

Thomlin Merryweather, down on luck bard.

Another adventure group travelled with the Runa. They were questing for various artifacts, and suspected that the lost Flaming Sword of Calidor may have traveled with Rhyan Istar when he abandoned his kingdom and formed Istarnia.

Uma, a Kaschemite Mage.

Whistler, a halfling Rogue.

Elric, a warrior from Estalar.

Wynder, a half-elf archer.

Supporting Cast

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