the Blight

The Blight is a broad term used by many to describe the breakdown and decay seen in nature and the land over the last many years. Some claim it is because of a moral and spiritual breakdown on the part of humanity, and that this is the punishment of the Gods. Others claim that fey magic and mischief is to blame. These are a few of the many notions people have as to why The Blight has come.

Elves speak of the Shadow in the same terms – attributing a malicious intelligence to the destruction – although they are vague as to how it arose, but mentioning the fading of Faerie and the spread of the Shadowfell as signs of the end times.

Dwarves call it Tarnish – and perceive this corruption as being like a rust that covers the land – stealing its strength and beauty.

Halflings call it The Blight, much as most humans do – but they personify it as an entity that opposes The Goddess – and seek her favour to protect themselves from destruction.

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the Blight

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