This is a rough timeline as the players grow to understand the history of the world.

4000 Years ago the King of Sardia waged a genocidal war on the elves of Andilhar and the dwarves of Karakas. This war is described in the ancient book, Angrildrin: The Silver Road.

2000 Years ago the High Kingdom was established to bring peace to a troubled land.

1100-1000 Years ago the Gods War prompted an all out war across Estea and set nation against nation and faith against faith.

1000 Years Ago the Gods War ended with the Breaking of the World and the loss of the High Kingdom. For the Dwarves of Barak Durn this was the time the northern kingdom was cut off from the southern kingdom.

1000-800 Years ago the War of Shadows took place as nations fought for their very survival against fell creatures and goblin hordes that seemed plentiful in the aftermath of the Breaking of the World, particularly around the broken land known as the Shadowlands.

850 Years ago Silvanithus was destroyed by Tiamat and shadow dragons from the Shadowlands. Correlon Larethain was summoned by his high priest and defeated Tiamat, but was never seen afterwards.

825 Years ago Rhyan Istar of Calidor had a vision, and with his wife Illestra and the mage Meristan liberated a bedraggled people on the northern tip of the Shadowlands, creating the nation of Istarnia.

600 Years ago the dwarves of Barak Durn tried to re-establish connection with the northern kingdom. The result was the Year Of Black Mists.

400-200 Years ago the dwarves of Karakas and the elves of Andilhar fought the War of Dream and Stone against each other – further weakening their once great nations. The war faded not from any truce – but simply because each race had to face the greater threat of the goblin races on their doorstep.

Present time.

See Adventure Log for current story. (It is in reverse chronological order)


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