This is the Loot Page for the Company of Light

Coins and other Valuables: ? Gold Pieces, ? Silver Pieces, ? Gems, ? Rings

type Bronwyn Chen Coryn Dulkas Glawen
armour Leather of Disguise +1 Leather Leather Scale Wolf Hide +1
weapon Pact Dagger +1 Subtle Short Sword +1 Staff of the War Mage +1 Resounding Craghammer +1 2 Scimitars and Longbow
neck wood leaf pendant Sah’jakir Shadow Clasp Cloak of Resistance +1 none Amulet of Warding +1
misc. Hair Clip of Feather Falling Compass of Finding Coryn’s Spell Book and the ancient tome: Angrildrin: The Silver Road and a Gated Rune Stone 2 Stones of Petrification and a Belt of Vigour and 3 Rune Stones 1 Fireball Arrow

misc – Dust of Stealth, Boot Grease of Speed, alchemical fire bomb, alchemical smoke bomb, potions of healing


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