War of Dream and Stone

The War of Dream and Stone was between the Elves of Andilhar and the Dwarves of Karakas.

The exact cause of the war is lost in history and each race has vastly different views on what happened.

What is clear is that the opening blows saw the deaths of Prince Elindar of Andilhar and King Drakus of Karakas and the resulting outrage led to a war that raged for over 100 years. Elven kingdoms and dwarfholds all across Estasia were pulled into the fray, as well as a few human realms who took sides.

There has been a cease in open hostilities over the last 200 years – but no formal truce or peace. Instead of clear negotiations between combatants—each side has simply withdrawn in order to tend to more pressing matters of the security of their borders from other invaders – predominantly goblinoids of one tribe or the other.

The turmoil and strife caused by the war has done little to help relations between the races – with most elves and dwarves mistrusting the other – and many humans mistrusting one of the two or both for the chaos their war brought to Estasia.

War of Dream and Stone

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