Athendirth is also known as Dragon Valley or The Cut.

It is a deep gouge in the earth that marks the borders between the elven forest of the Spear Woods and the Shadowlands.

The ancient stumps of blasted and charred trees still mark the site of a battle that raged between Elf and Dragon near the end of the Gods War – and the grave of the ancient city of the wood elves, Silvanithus.

Legend say that Sylvanithus was the place of a battle between Tiamat and Correlon Larethain over 800 years ago near the end of the Gods War. The wood elves had slain an ancient shadow dragon that had a bargain with the goblin hordes of the Shadowlands. Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons herself, was summoned and destroyed the wood elf city and much of their forests. Corelon was summoned by his high priest, Baelgar Rilyn’tylar, who sacrificed himself to become Correlon’s avatar.

Correlon’s spirit took control of the body of his High Priest and faced the massive dragon goddess. Drawing metal and wood from the battleground around him – he formed a great bow and arrow and loosed it into Tiamat’s maw just as she loosed her firey breath. The High Priest did not survive – but he is credited with saving the wood elves and destroying the Queen of Evil Dragons.

The Wood Elves no longer gather in such populated centres as Sylvanithus and now have numerous military camps throughout the Spear Woods. Their largest camp is known as Tree Top – and it is there that Ka’Rial (Dragon’s Bane) – a scorched arrowhead of large size attributed to be shot by Correlon when he drove back the dragon goddess Tiamat during a war with dragons.

There has not been a High Priest of Corellon amongst wood elves since Baelhar Rilyn’tylar fell in the battle of Athendirth though The Sisters of the Crescent continue to honour him in their worship of his lunar consort, Selhaine.


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