Breaking of The World

Over a thousand years ago a Gods War sent nation against nation and shook the shape of the land and the very fabric of reality.

Few sages know even fragments of the truth of what led to the Breaking of The World.

The peoples of the continent of Estasia rebuilt as best as they were able — some nations survived, others faded away, and new ones emerged. The War of Shadows which followed did little to help a fragmented civilization, still reeling from the cataclysm that shook the land.

Most nations now are isolated and insular. Each is concerned with the state of their borders as goblin hordes and twisted creatures encroach on civilized lands.

There are few points of light left, and the vestiges of the goodly races cling to what safety they can.

Knowledge of the Gods is limited, and many nations are monotheistic – keeping faith to one god, in hopes that they may guide them through the darkness ahead.

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Breaking of The World

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