Correlon Larethain

Solyn is credited with the creation of the Elves – and is god of the Sun, Spring, and Valour. His nickname of “Eldest” leads some elven scholars to believe that he is the first of the Gods and the Elves are the first of the noble races.

It is said that he created the Elves and the Elven Gods through the union of himself and two sisters, Seridwen and Illat – who represented the Light and Dark of the Moon.

Over time he grew to care for Seridwen more and his choice of her over Illat led to a schism between the elven nations.

The resulting war led to Illat being cast down to the Underworld and her followers being driven into the Underdark. They became known as the Illim.

Seridwen became the only Goddess of the Moon, while Illat became Goddess of Darkness and Spiders.

His foes include Illat – goddess of the Illim, and Balor – god of orcs and goblinkind.

Correlon Larethain

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