Crop Blight

During this year’s harvest – the farmers of Istarnia have found a black oily stain on a number of crops – and with it a foul odour. Any who have been foolish enough to attempt to eat any tainted crops have become violently ill – and those who do not die become shadows of what they were.

The Blight seems stronger near the Blightfen Bog – which has nearly doubled in size in the last 10 years.

King Willhelm has organized soldiers and citizens alike in a campaign to burn and destroy any blighted crops. At the same time he has decreed that crops that are considered free of blight are to be gathered in communal storage holds – to be rationed out to each community as winter sets in – to ensure the survival of the people.

Some nobles grumble that they will have to do without to share with peasants and some peasants grumble that it is a ploy of the wealthy to have stricter control of food supplies – a power which is bound to be abused.

But in the face of winter, most are more than willing to follow the king’s plan for the nation’s survival.

Crop Blight

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