Gods of Estea

Known Gods:

Human Gods

Perun – God of Summer Sun, Agriculture, Light, and Paladins

The Goddess – Goddess of Nature, Life, and Green Growing things.

Hadur – God of Tyranny and Conquest – often worshiped by Hobgoblins as well

Myra Goddess of Change, Luck, and Travel – often worshiped by Sailors and Gamblers.

Brond God of Thunder, Strength, and Warriors – patron of the Brundar

Ioun God of Wizards and Arcane Knowledge.

Nethrus Demigod of Necromancy and the Undead, once a mortal.

Morridwen Goddess of Winter, Fate, and the Afterlife.

Oghma God of Storytellers, Legends, and Lore.

Dwarven Gods

Orudrun – God of the Forge, Creation, Crafters, and Tradition.

Hethra – Goddess of Hearth, Family, and Community.

Midar – God of Bravery and Battle – twin to Abbathor.

Hadarkur – God of Treachery in Battle – twin to Clangeddin.

Elven Gods

Solyn – God of Spring, Valour, and the Elves

Seridwen – Goddess of Magic, Mystery, and the Moon

Illat – Goddess of Darkness, Poison, Spiders, and the Illim

Balor – God of the Fomorians and Anger.

Halfling Gods

The Goddess – halfings almost exclusively worship The Goddess — attributing her with providing life-giving streams to a thirsty land.

They also give homage to Myra.

Dragon Gods

Bahamut – the Platinum Dragon and Lord of Justice and good dragons. Humans and other warriors give homage to Bahamut – including an order of paladins.

Tiamat – The Dark Dragon and Queen of Wealth, Greed and evil dragons. Those who aspire to wealth through any means often pay tribute to Tiamat.

Orc Gods

Grummash is the god of savagery and conquest for Orcs.


There is a growing trend in Estea to worship Elemental Lords. In the wake of the Gods War many believe their gods to be dead, or doubt they ever existed.

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Gods of Estea

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