God of Dwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, war.

Cleric Training: Many of Orudrun’s clerics have parents and grandparents who were also clerics of the Soul-Forger, so they train in their calling from childhood with a parent to guide them.

Quests: Defense of dwarven civilization — and the traditions that make it strong — is paramount to followers of Orudrun. They can protect new mines from goblinoid invaders, track down a lost line of dwarf warrior-kings, or journey to the Elemental Plane of Fire to light a forge that will temper a new artifact.

Prayers: Orudrun’s prayers are replete with references to metals and smithing. One of the most common prayers for intercession begins, “You burn the dross from me, but the iron remains.” or “May I forge the world into a shape pleasing to you, O Orudrun.”

Temples:At the center of every temple to Orudrun is a massive forge, where the weapons and armor that defend the dwarf people are made. The best weapon- and armorsmiths in the world usually work in Orudrun’s temples.

Rites: Genealogy and heritage are important aspects of Orudrun’s rites. A funeral for a Orudrun worshiper is a grand, solemn spectacle, with chants that describe the lineage of the deceased, stretching back thousands of years. They welcome the deceased dwarf back into the Soul Forge, where Orudrun will reshape them. The ceremony ends with cremation of the dwarf. Often with artifacts and items precious to them in life are part of the pyre.

Favored Weapon: Warhammer.


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