Myths and Legends

These legends are listed in rough chronological order, from the distant past to the present.

The Astral Sea

The Far Realm

The Elemental Chaos

The World Tree

The Underworld.


The Upper Realm.

The Forging of the World

The World Forge

Hammer of Moradin – Dwarvish Hammer of Legend

Faerie – or the land of the Fey, also known as the Feywild

Shadow – or the land of the dead, also known as the Shadowfell.

The Dawn War

Stormtongue – Elvish Sword of Legend

Albanon – the mythic island of the fey.

The Spiral Tower – Elvish Academy of Magic

The Tower of High Sorcery – Human Academy of Magic

The Colossus of Sardia

Angrildrin – The Silver Road

The High Kingdom

The Druids

Tree of Life Monastery – fabled stronghold of the Druids

The Gods War

The Flaming Sword of Calidor – Human Sword of Legend

The Academy of Fire – the training ground for War Mages and the military elite of Calidor.

The Temple of the Living Flame – sanctuary for the War Priests of Calidor.

The Exodus

The City of Light

Ky Ruath – the arcane red star

The Breaking of the World

The Deck of Shadows – divination tool of the Runa.

The Return of the High King

The War of Shadows

Meristan the Mage

Legend of the Heartwood Spear

The Fall of Sylvanithus

The War of Dream and Stone

Myths and Legends

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