God of Summer Sun, Agriculture, Light, and Paladins

Istarnia and Calidor almost exclusively worship Pelor – although Istarnians see Pelor more as a benevolent Sky Father that brings life and healing with his Light – and those of Calidor see Pelor as being a cleansing Fire.

The hero, Rhyan Istar, who was in line for the throne of Calidor more than 800 years ago, is sometimes ascribed by historians for solidifying the faith of Pelor in Istarnia – since it was he who rallied the people to push the goblin hordes back into the Shadowlands with the war cry of “Pelor’s Light” on his lips.

There are some who say Pelor was once a peaceful god of summer sun and light, but with the rising tide of darkness in the land, Pelor is more often thought of as a warrior’s god – stamping out darkness by strength and zeal.

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