Pelors Wall

Pelor’s Wall is a massive megalithic fortress that spans more than 20 miles across the widest mountain pass to the south of Istarnia. Strategic towers and escarpments speckle the length of it. It boggles the mind to think it could have been made by human hands and many ascribe it to being created by Pelor, the patron god of the Istarnians, and as far as most are concerned, the only true god.

History is uncertain, but many speak of a time of upheaval when nations warred against nations and the High Kingdom of old shattered. Myths say that Pelor also fought against Bane (a dark god known as the Black Hand) and his servants in a war that tore up and reshaped the world, but resulted in the ultimate banishing of Bane.

For a time during the War of Shadows, goblinkind and other creatures of darkness occupied what is now Istarnia and its peoples were pushed north into the northern forests and against the mountains.

A hero and paladin of Pelor named Rhyan Istar pushed back the hordes and helped to create the wall and the modern nation of Istarnia. The Shining Plains, just to the north of Pelor’s Wall was the main field of battle and is now a largely desolate land, patrolled by knights and cavalry.

The current nobility of Istarnia is descended from heroes of that time and the calendar is reckoned by the creation of The Wall – 832 PL (Pelor’s Light). There is actually a room in the towers of the Wall where the years are tallied and marked by a Historian of The Wall.

Pelors Wall

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