Races of the World

Goodly Races

Humans are a wildly varied race in temperment, appearance, and values. They can live to be 100 – or longer with the aid of magic – though in these harsh times it is not unusual to succumb to disease or disaster of some kind before the age of 50.

Halflings are a nomadic water-faring race. They tend to be more curious and expressive than other races and are generally not afraid of much – despite the fact that they rarely are more than 4 feet tall. Halflings can live to be 150.

Dwarves are a stalwart and hardy race. Though they tend to be gruff and suspicious with outsiders – they are devoted to their families and community. Possessed by a strong sense of honour and propriety. They also are talented craftspeople, especially when working with stone and metal. Dwarves generally live to around 200 years, though there are some who reach 250.

Elves are fey creatures. They are slender and have angular features. Depending on their ancestry they may be skilled in magic or have strong ties to the natural world. They can live up to 300 or more years.

Gnomes are fey creatures. They rarely stand taller than 3’6 and are known to disappear at a moments notice – to pull a prank or elude danger.

Humanoids and Monsters

Orcs are a brutish and primal race that prides itself on strength and daring.

Goblins are a family of humanoids that include the scheming hobgoblins, the brutish bugbears and the shifty goblins themselves.

Ogres stand somewhere between orcs and giants in power and stature. They are primitive and brutish. While typically independent, they can be coerced into serving others at the promise of reward or mayhem.

Dragons are ancient lizard-like creatures of arcane power. When they reach full growth they often sleep for centuries, sustained by the energy of horded enchanted items. Even so, a growing dragon can be a threat to an army of lesser beings.

Giants are massive beings, dwelling far away from civilized lands – mostly in remote mountains or forests. It is said that they have kinship with and draw power from elemental lords.

Trolls are a feral and wiry race that dwells in swamps. They are incredibly regenerative and reproduce by tearing themselves apart. It is said that in time, even a severed limb will regrow a whole new troll.

Blight Touched are a new race of twisted creatures, corrupted by the Blight that has preyed on the land for the last several centuries.

Minotaurs are mythic creatures with the torso and arms of a human and the legs and head of a bull. They are said to dwell in the islands of the southern seas and follow a strange code of savagery and honour.

Centaurs are mythic creatures with the torso, head, and arms of a human and the body of a horse. They range in size and shape as much as those two species do and typically live in sparse forests or plains.

Gnolls are humanoids with the features and temperment of a hyena. They have the same pack mentality and capacity for violence.

Fomorians are physically deformed fey giants, and the ancient foe of eladrin.

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Races of the World

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