The Blight – strange creatures are seen, births are twisted, crop blight, and lung rot.

War in the East – Nethria conquers Nemaria. Some say the young Warlord, Sigori El’baron may be the High King reborn.

The Adventure Band that traveled with Runa – seeking artifacts based on Legend – left to explore the Sunken City in the Blightfen Bog – seeking the Flaming Sword of Calidor.

The red comet, Ky Ruath is an omen of upheaval in the arcane realm.


- King Willhelm’s decree of rationing food is celebrated by some – but some nobles believe that they will have to do with less. Some commoners are worried about the amount of control the army will have over food and think the poorest may have to do without.

- The Halfling merchants have pulled their booths from the fair ground and have created a defensive formation of their river rafts – in case of another attack.

- some volunteer milita men have chose to leave Fleethill to return to their villages to see that their families are safe and King Willhelm allowed that.

- many merchants wish to return to Caeristar but King Willhelm will not reduce the strength of the encampment to send them escorted at this time. They grumble about how the king should treat the merchants of istarnia with more consideration. After all, we are the backbone of this nation.

- Wood elf rangers report more beasts in the Kingswoods. They have created traps and defensive lines around their camp and it is not wise to walk through unescorted.

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