Goddess of the Moon, Mystery, and Magic – also the same name used for the moon.

Consort to Correlon and one of the 3 original Elven Gods who gave birth to the elven race and many of its lesser gods.

Most of her worshipers are female and her priestesses are known as the Sisters of the Crescent.

Selhaine is Llolth’s twin, and they were both once lunar goddesses. Llolth represented the dark of the moon, with skin the rich black of a moonless night and hair the color of starshine. Selhaine was her mirror image, with skin the luminous white of a full moon a nd hair the black velvet tapestry of the night sky.

At some point Corellon made clear his preference for Selhaine’s light. Llolth was enraged at being passed by Corellon and plotted to murder Selhaine. Corellon barely intervened in time to save his beloved’s life. So it is now that Selhaine’s moon waxes and wanes in strength each month as Llolth’s poison is still within her.


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