The Company of Light

This is the name that has stuck to the hunting party which represented the elements of Light in this year’s Great Hunt.

Representing the Shadow of Light is Chen, a scout of the Black Watch on Pelor’s Wall – recently off duty due to the reduction of hostilities from the Shadowlands.

Representing the Stone of Light is Dulkas, an elite and holy warrior of the dwarves of Barak Durn, known as a Hammer of Moradin.

Representing the Flame of Light is Glawen, the impulsive and brash young ranger of the wood elves of the Spear Woods.

Representing the Dream of Light is Coryn, a mysterious robed woman who accompanies the elves of The Spear Woods. She is a scholar and a wizard.

Representing the Light of Light is Bronwyn, a half-elf of Braefield who has recently acquired arcane power from a mysterious source.

Representing the Stream of Light is Rerik, a halfling river pilot who has unexpected inner resources.

Those with scholarly backgrounds recognize the elemental break down of the two hunting companies as reflecting the path of the Estasian Calendar and the underlying cosmic belief of elements of creation in balance.

It is believed that their success in a ritualistic hunt signifies good things for the coming year – though there are some who whisper that it was the company of shadow that indeed had the first kill and point to the crop blight, the strange comet Ky’Ruath, and the sitings of twisted creatures around them as signs that this year will be claimed by Shadow.

Their latest exploit was to interrupt a ritual that would have opened a portal to the Shadowlands for a goblin invasion.

The Company of Light has gathered various Treasures in their time together.

The Company of Light

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