The World Tree

Comparative mythology suggests that all races have a legend of the World Tree.

To human mystics, it is called The Tree of Life.

To dwarves it is known as Yggdrasil.

To elves and the fey it is Ailanthus.

To halfings it is simply The World Tree, the same as most folk call it.

Whatever name it is known by it is said to be the first of creation – and through it all things were made – from the Upper Realm to the Underworld and all lands and creatures in between.

Different legends concern what god or beings may have formed the World Tree and what has happened to it since.

A popular human legend is that the World Tree was destroyed by forces of darkness and only the heartwood remains in the shape of The Heartwood Spear – created by druids in an ancient hidden monastery as it was beset by an army of undead and fell creatures. A small band of heroes took the spear and fought their way free – leaving the World Tree and Druids to die.

The legends never seem to agree where the monastery was, the force the undead army served, or exactly what happened to the spear after the heroes left the monastery.

It is suggested that this may have been the time the Blight entered the world – bringing decay, death, and darkness with it.

Dwarves believe that Yggdrasil holds the world together as a living pillar of branching rock and minerals – likely with Karakas as its centre, deep in the Worldforge Mountains.

The elves and fey are elusive about their beliefs around Ailanthus – where it might be and how it came into being – though the trinity of Correlon, Selhaine, and Llolth are often attributed as its creators.

Halflings attribute the Goddess as being the Guardian and Protector of the World Tree.

The World Tree

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