wood elves

The wood elves have bronzed skin, tribal tatoos, are slender and muscled, and tend to have red, brown, or black hair. Green or brown eyes are the most common.

They are renowned for their archers, stealth, griffin riders, and woodcraft.

Shunning kingdoms of their own, wood elves no longer build cities as their ancestors did, but make their homes among the trees. They live in family or clan units, sleeping in tents or under the stars as they range through the forests and gather what they need to survive. At other times, they in temporary villages built on platforms in the branches, linked by vines and ropes – almost a natural part of the trees themselves.

They roam with the seasons, following animals on their migrations or journeying to where fruits and nuts grow in greatest abundance. At least twice a year – at midsummer and midwinter – wood elf families and clans gather together to observe the turning of the seasons, share stories and news of the recent months, and celebrate marriages, births, and deaths.

In the darkness that has been growing since the fall of Silvanithus, the wood elves find it more and more difficult to maintain their traditional ways. Many of their forests are no longer safe even for their keen-eyed archers and hardy warriors. Some forests have burned to their roots, driving the elves to find safe refuge in the better-defended settlements of other races.

As a race, elves are fleet of foot and agile. Though they are by no means stupid, they do not place the same value on learning and intellect that their eladrin cousins do. Rather, they value the wisdom of years and the truth of intuition and insight. Their more comic legends are full of eladrin who are puffed up with their own knowledge but lack even a modicum of common sense, and cunning elf heroes who trick their foolish cousins.

Elves share a passionate and emotional nature with many of their fey cousins. They experience feelings deeply and intensely, and their emotions are often mercurial. An elf can swing from wailing grief to heartfelt laughter in a moment, and as quickly to burning rage. They make bitter enemies, sometimes clinging to grudges through long generations, but they are reliable and compassionate friends who remember gratitude longer than wrongs.

Wood Elf Religion

Many wood elves still revere Correlon Larethain and (particularly) Selhaine. Many others have turned to worship The Goddess, nurturer of the wilds where they make their homes. Even those elves who drift toward evil rarely turn to Llolth. The legend of her rebellion stings too much. Instead, they worship the Raven Queen, Bane, or make pacts with powerful demons, devils, or elementals.

More commonly, wood elves simply revere the majesty of nature, the cycle of the seasons, and the spirit that is present in all aspects of the wild.

They are not as fascinated with arcane magic as their eladrin cousins, often growing impatient with its intricacies and precision. They are drawn more to mastery of primal power, which keeps them attuned to the natural world with its spirits and forces. Wood Elf rangers, rogues, druids, and barbarians are the most common adventurers.

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wood elves

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