Gods War

It is difficult to separate the activities and intents of the Gods and of the churches and priests that serve them.

Add the filter of centuries and the truth becomes more obscure.

It is thought that a clash between Gods over 1000 years ago became clash between nations, culminating in the Breaking of the World and following that, the War of Shadows.

Legends of gods warring are nothing new, and many stories of battles between divine beings are far more than millennia old.

The first war of the gods is said to have taken place between the Gods of Estea and the Primordials, elemental lords who claim some hand in creating and shaping the world. This war is known as the Dawn War and it took place when Estea was still young.

The war ended with dominion of the world being held by the Gods. The defeated Primordials and their kind were imprisoned or retreated to their elemental realms. Some say the Primordials still nurse thoughts of vengeance on the Gods for taking Estea from their grasp.

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Gods War

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